"Body Bare Feather Touch Cleancut Bikini Line Shaver Review"

The Best Way for Bikini Line Hair Removal

The Body Bare Feather Touch Cleancut Bikini Line Shaver is a neat and innovative personal shaving product and completely unique. This new improved Feather Touch Bikini Hair Removal Shaver is superseded previous old version of Seiko Cleancut Shaver and Midas 8000 Feather Touch Shaver. This ultimate new improved bikini shaver, bikini line shaver, pubic hair shaver that replaces bikini wax, hot wax, hair removing cream, depilatory cream, hair removal, safety razors, razor cut, straight razor, wet shaving, dry shave, dry shaving.

And it is for the ultimate close shave without razor rash, all in convenient combination shaving kit.The Body Barebikini line shaver cannot be bought in stores or adult shops.  (In hurry? Click here to get your Body Bare Feather Touch Cleancut Bikini Line Shaver now)



The cleancut bikini line shaver come with rechargeable battery (a new improvement as compare to Seiko Clean cut shaver and Feather Touch Shaver which use normal "C" cell battery) which was easy to fit and included. Once charged and it will last for a week if not using, making it ideal for holidays. 

The Feather Touch Boday Bare Bikini Hair shaver makes very little noise when switched on and is almost silent in operation.  Ladyfair double edged trimmer which accompanies the cleancut pussy shaver and is for removing long hair. The Ladyfair is a little like a beard trimmer, only it is double edged and easier to maneuver.  You can use it to remove long pubic hair.  It did its job very well and did not pull at the hair or pinch like scissors often do.

The cleancut bikini shaver has nearly all the stubble taken care of. You'll even able to comfortably shave around the normally sensitive areas, the ones you definitely do not want to nick with a razor. The main shaving head did a very passable job on its own but the cleancut bikini line shaver also comes complete with a fine shaving head to add the finishing touches. You may exchange the heads and in very little time at all you'll have a nice smooth and cleanly shaven pussy

The feather Touch shaver has a very high degree of precision due to the head being dome shaped and can get into areas that a conventional razor would really struggle with or leave you in peril of the dreaded nick or cut. You'll comfortably able to shave around the most sensitive areas without any problems at all. You'll find that the touch of your pussy  smooth and without any lumps or bumps and definitely no soreness, redness, nicks or cuts after shaving

As a combination the Cleancut bikini line hair Shaver and the Ladyfair Double Edged Trimmer worked really well together and are most certainly unique. The Ladyfair is included with the Feather Touch Bikini Line Hair Shaver so it is not an add on extra or additional purchase. The Body Bare Bikini Shaver can be used on its own if you have only stubble from previously wet shaving.

Safety and Hygiene:

Safety is another important aspect when considering shaving techniques. It is all too easy to nick yourself while wet shaving and get an infection or thrush from using shaving gels or foam around the sensitive vaginal area. Hair removal creams and ointments often have the same effect and can cause soreness or thrush. The use of soaps on the vagina can also cause it to dry up or in some cases to smell unpleasant if you react to the soap or chemicals in the soap. Along with safety comes hygiene, dry shaving with a cleancut is far less hassle and certainly safer and more hygienic.

Man Can Also Use It for Genital Shaving

This Cleancut Bikini Line Shaver is suitable for both men and women.  Man can use the trimmer to remove the long and excess hair from around his balls and the base of his cock. No more nicks or cuts yourself and spends the next three days moaning using normal shaver.  You then can finish the trimming without mishap and moved onto the cleancut shaver. You can proceed to shave off the coarse stubble and had what looked like a nice clean job, much tidier than you ever managed before with a razor. You can then exchanged the cleancut interchangeable shaver head over to the fine finishing head and set about finishing the job. 

The vibration from the cleancut shaver also gives a pleasant tingle, nothing uncomfortable or too intense but nice all the same. More noticeable when shaving around those more sensitive areas. You will suitably impressed and said it did a far better job than you had expected. No more nicked or cut yourself, or